Kouros and Haffner Energy sign a commercial contract to speed up the decarbonization of transport and industry

HAFFNER ENERGY signs a supply agreement with KOUROS allowing KOUROS to acquire from HAFFNER ENERGY energy production units from biomass residues (HYNOCA and SYNOCA) for the activities launched by KOUROS to decarbonize the transport of goods (HYLIKO) and the energy consumption in industry (CARBONLOOP).
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Kouros invests in Vertical Aerospace, one of the leading e-VTOL compagnies

Kouros is pleased to join the fund raising of Vertical Aerospace to support certification effort and full production ramp-up by 2024.


Kouros launch Carbonloop and Hyliko to speed up decarbonization of supply chain and industry

To face the climate emergency, Kouros is launching Hyliko and Carbonloop, two decarbonization services to make carbon neutrality possible for supply chain and energy consumption of industry.
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