Kouros Clean Fuels Division is dedicated to the supply of low carbon fuels for heavy mobility: CNG/bioCNG, LNG/bioLNG and Green Hydrogen.

Sector: Zero emission taxis platform
Company: STEP
Investment: June 2019

Under the Hype brand, STEP is operating the world's largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in Paris. With 100 taxis in 2019, this will grow to 600 taxis by the end of 2020 as Hype builds a zero-emission mobility platform for taxis and ride-hailing drivers and companies.

Sector: Hydrogen production and distribution
Company: HysetCo
Investment: June 2019

HysetCo is the asset management company supporting the Hype hydrogen taxis fleet (taxis, taxis licences and hydrogen infrastructure).

Partners: STEP, Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, Toyota France

Sector: Decarbonization service for heavy duty trucks' fleets
Company: Hyliko
Launch: October 2021

Hyliko is the first decarbonization service for heavy duty trucks’ fleets. Hyliko proposes an integrated offer including hydrogen truck lease and maintenance, carbon negative hydrogen refueling and carbon footprint certification and management.

Project launched by Kouros
Partners: McPhy, GreenGT

From bunker ships and feeders design, to ship management and LNG supply services, Kouros Shipping Division promotes LNG as a marine fuel.

Sector: LNG Bunkering
Project: LNGistics

LNGistics provides ship design, shipbuilding and ship management services. With the support of Kouros Group, LNGistics is able to deliver highly manoeuvrable bunker ships in the range 5,400-8,500 LNG cubic meters, perfectly suitable for port operations, within 24 months.

Partners: O5 Marine, Marinnov

Kouros Green Power division is dedicated to Green Power generation, storage and associated services.

Sector: Electricity access
Company: Powerhive
Investment: June 2019

Powerhive has developed a technology platform and business model that enables large deployment and financing of distributed solar microgrids for electricity access in Africa.

Partners: Founders, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, First Solar, Prelude Ventures, Tao Capital, Total Energy Ventures, Caterpillar Ventures, James Sandler, TO.org.

Sector: Electricity access
Company: Sunna Design
Investment: September 2020

Sunna Design is a pioneer and leader in solar street lighting and energy management for connected stand-alone applications.

Partners: Founders, Demeter Partners, Codema, SOPER, BNP Paribas

Sector: Decarbonization service for industry
Company: Carbonloop
Launch: October 2021

Carbonloop offers an accelerated decarbonization service for industries based on a unique process combining carbon neutral heat and power generation from local biomass residues and local carbon sink.

Project launched by Kouros
Partners: Haffner Energy, Hyliko

Sector: Electric Aviation
Company: Vertical Aerospace
Investment: October 2021

Vertical Aerospace designs and builds zero carbon, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) electrically powered aircraft.

Partners: Founders, American Airlines, Avalon, Honeywell, Microsoft's M12, Rolls-Royce

The Kouros Advantech brings together innovative companies, developing disruptive technologies, products and business models related to Kouros’ strategy, mainly identified through Kouros’ SCALE-UP Program.

Sector: Power storage
Company: NawaTechnologies
Investment: December 2018

NawaTechnologies develops and manufactures the world's fastest electrodes and supercaps based on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNT). NawaTechnologies' supercaps boast unrivalled performance for IOT, power tools and electrical mobility to replace or team up with Lithium batteries.

Partners: Founders, Demeter Ventures, Région Sud Investissement, Supernova Invest, Davaniere Capital Partners, KIC Innoenergy and Credit Agricole Alpes Provence Creation.

Sector: Hydrogen production
Company: Ergosup
Investment: February 2019

Ergosup has developed an innovative electrolyzer to produce hydrogen directly at high pressure (+100 bar), enabling green hydrogen production and distribution at affordable costs and without compressors.

Partners: Founders, Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD), Demeter Ventures, GO CAPITAL, Arkéa Capital, Bpifrance, AP Ventures, Normandie Participations

Sector: Hydrogen production
Company: Haffner Energy
Investment: August 2019

Haffner Energy has designed an innovative biomass to green hydrogen conversion process for local production at affordable costs.

Partners: Founders, Eurefi
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